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The Sports Show is Rebel Media’s first foray into a fully fledged sports program. Join our panel of couchside experts as they dissect the biggest stories in sport whilst playing the biggest rock tracks in the world. With segments like The GOAT cup, The Sin Bin and Legend of the week Lauz, Cleggy, Brooksy and Joel have all bases covered for your new favourite sports program.
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Meet the team

Chris Clegg

Brought up playing Football (‘Soccer’), Cricket, Golf and every ‘pub’ sport you can contemplate (including Darts, Snooker & Pool), Cleggy loves all sport, both playing and watching.

Fairly ‘fresh off the boat’ from the UK, Cleggy is still getting his head around the Aussie obsession with Rugby League & AFL and is learning the ropes from his colleagues on The Sports Show! His main obsession is Barnsley FC, who are climbing the English Championship at the moment, daring to dream of joining the likes of Liverpool & Manchester United et al in the Premier League!

James Brooks

Booksy spent his whole childhood on a sports field. Whether it was Tennis, Cricket, Soccer, Basketball or his one true love AFL, he’d give anything a go if it involved chasing around a ball!

Now like most people past their prime he spends most of his time watching sport with a cold one in hand saying how good he used to be. The world will never know what it missed out on but you it will get the next best thing when he gets behind the mic to chat.

Laura Merrin

Despite spending many years flipping around in leotards at gymnastics training and dreaming of what it would be like to go to the Olympics (it was never on the cards – as an athlete anyway), Lauz always had a strong interest in many sports, and became an avid Brisbane Broncos supporter at a young age.

Since then, work and pleasure have taken her all over the world to sporting events – including the Olympics (got there eventually!), Commonwealth Games, Football World Cup, Tennis Grand Slams…

But through all of these adventures, she believes there’s nothing better than enjoying a few beers while watching the footy!

Joel Hall

Joel is our resident cricket fanatic having played the game at a high level his whole life. He is a keen follower of US sports where his favourite teams are the Las Vegas Raiders (NFL), San Diego Padres (MLB), Los Angeles Clippers (NBA) and LA Kings (NHL)

However his biggest sporting love is the Cronulla Sharks, Joel still holds attending the 2016 NRL Grand Final as the greatest day of his life… just topping his wedding and birth of his son.


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